Why are App Store Rankings so important?



                 Why are App Store Rankings so important?



App ranking is done through ASO (App Store Optimization). ASO is the method of ranking mobile apps high on the app store. In ASO, people try to rank their app on the search result and the more it ranks on the play store, the more visible it becomes for certain users. The visibility the app gains increases more traffic on the app’s page on the play store.


What is the reason of app store rankings?


The main reason of ASR is to have more traffic on your app’s page on the play store so the people who search can find and download your app quickly. This results in traffic and great rating of the app.

How does it work?


The ASO method needs an understanding of customers and then including the keywords customers use to find apps like yours. When one gets to know what kind of keywords is being used, one gets a better understanding of the customers.


By knowing the keywords, you can rank your app’s page by including those keywords in the description. This is why ASO is so significant for today’s apps. When a person isn’t using ASO to increase their app store rankings, they are leaving so much behind.


Be patient in ASO:-


App Store rankings are used to rank your app, and “Great Things Take time”. Thus, ASO is a method that requires tweaking over some time and constantly monitoring.


The most well-known method to approach ASO is no approach if seen closely out of the box. App developers grab keywords and write their app’s description at only the last moments while their app’s submission process. Little or even no research on keywords searches happens in most cases. They do it before the app submission which leaves the app hidden and the chances of app discovery quite low.


The developers of the app have to continuously monitor the rankings of the competitors and their own rankings too from time to time. Many apps are published each day, and the stream of new ratings keep flowing. Developers experiment and test their keywords to rank high and get more to the app’s page consistently.


ASO has a dramatic effect on apps. Developers understand and test the keywords. App store optimization is not an easy process. Don’t think it will impact the app quickly. It takes time but is amusingly worth it.


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