Fun Facts about the Human Hearth

Fun Facts about the Human Hearth

Love is represented by heart images, but it is not the real shape of a human heart. There are other fun facts you have to know. Here are just some of them.


Your Hearth is working on Electricity

If you never stopped to think what can make your heart beat, let me tell you it is electricity. If you took heart images and added an electrical outlet, that would be conceptually more accurate.

Physically, your heart is actually a muscle. It beats contracting and expanding the cells of the tissue. It is the same that happens with your other muscles when working out. Unlike exercising activates your muscles; for the heart, it is an electrical pulse that goes through it to make it move. That is why the electrocardiogram is used to measure your heart’s activity.

The heart images picturing the ECG (electrocardiogram) have peaks that measure the electrical impulses stimulating the heart. Doctors are trained to recognize the right patterns. An abnormal rhythm is an indicator of something going wrong.

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