The beginning of golf and its basics

The beginning of golf and its basics

It is a well know fact that golf is a very aesthetical outdoor game. Generally, everybody cannot play the game of golf, hence only few people play the game. This game however requires the craftiness, diligence and accuracy of its players. With this you can get the absolute experience of the sports. There different association in Burnaby golf course and virtually every other country club and different competition usually takes place. This is because the game fits the taste and fashion of a very large number of people. However, with this one will hear different things about the game compared to other types of sports. It is noteworthy to know that the game originated in Scotland in 15th century. Usually, the players call the ground golf course. A good golf course should have at least 18 holes.

Equipments needed to play the game

To properly play the game, one will need certain types of equipments. One of the most important equipments is the stick that the player can use to hit the golf ball generally referred to as golf club. The different golf clubs usually have grips that help the player to hit the golf ball into the hole. Three types of clubs exist namely:

Wood – these usually have the same type of hardwood material with large heads that a player can use to hit the ball.

Iron – these are good especially for striking at the base of an angle. Their shafts are shorter and they primary have metal heads.

Putter – these have low loft and are usually chosen as a stable golf club.

Other types of equipments

Apart from the three equipments mentioned above, there are other different types that are available in stores and markets. Basically, they are mixtures of wood and iron. Those who are professional golfers must have been trained on the different training aids especially for grip.



 Becoming a better golfer player


The need to take bold steps to become a professional golfer is imperative. The below tips will help you in becoming a professional golfer:

  • Go through the curriculum and seek the help of other golfers who are professionals
  • Take advantage of the different golf aids provided by your club

With this you can assess your impact, grip, swing alignment and synchronization.


Parts of a playing golf

There are different parts of a playing golf club. However, the main ones include the ball, gloves and club. For professionals in Burnaby golf course, the idea of where these parts are readily available is simple. But for amateurs, the reverse is usually the case.


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