Every teacher’s pal


So, I used to stress out so much about every single exam. Thanks to this weighted grade calculator website, I only stress out about some of my exams, and I know exactly why I should be stressing. That might seem like a trivial change, but, in terms of my quality of life, it makes a pretty huge deal. Like, sizeable difference exists because I know that I don’t have to worry about one course, and that I should be investing more in another course because of the way that our final exam balances are always ask you because he teacher wants to weigh different aspects of a course in different ways. You know, there are some courses that, no matter how good or bad I’m doing, the final exam won’t have much bearing on my grade. However, there are others that, no matter how good or bad I’m doing, the final exam will have a huge difference in play a huge role. It is weird that this is up to the professor or teacher. Seriously, seriously, seriously. However, that’s just the way it is, and it’s about time that I get used to it and start making a positive change, which is basically what this website has allowed me to do, is just a dab my sensibilities to adapt to the various different marking rubric that all of my different professors use, without actually learning them by heart. The equation that this website uses a simple comment and will work for any teacher, cuz it just needs to know your current Mark, the Marquee one end up with, and the weight of the final exam. Literally, it’s that easy, and it is totally convenient to use and not at all difficult to use.


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