How to Use Beacon Actions to Make Your Home Smarter

Beacons are devices that transmit a Bluetooth Low Energy signal and implement either the Apple’s iBeacon or Google’s Eddystone protocol or both. Beacons can be used in almost all sectors and industries. Today, we though it wise to highlight to you how beacons can make your life easier and more enjoyable at home. Actually, this is where Beacon Action comes in.

If you are not familiar, Beacon Action is a new Mobile Application that prompts actions in your home according to your proximity to a beacon. If you are a smart home enthusiast, then you should check out this new mobile app because it can actually make your home smarter.

Steps to follow

All you need to do is place beacons strategically all over your home before configuring each one of them. After which, you will have to define clear rules for each part or area of your home.

  • Identify beacons

After deploying beacons throughout your home, the next thing to do is to identify and index them using Beacon Action. Walk up to every beacon with the app. The app will detect each beacon and grab its distinctive identifier. You need to give each beacon a friendly name such as Kitchen, Living Room, or Garage and so on, and save the name. Continue this until you cover all the beacons in your home.

Remember that each beacon will be representing a logical region of your home. Furthermore, each action you create will is going to be associated with the region.

  • Define the actions

After naming and storing each beacon’s identity in your app, you now need to trigger actions. Actions are triggered when you enter, exit or stay within a particular region for a certain amount of time. For instance, if you are leaving the Kitchen, you will trigger an action, if you enter the living room, you trigger an action, and when you stay at the garage for a particular amount of time, you trigger an action.

  • One beacon per region

While it would give results that are more accurate when you add multiple beacons to the same region, it’s unfortunate that regions are currently limited to a single beacon. For now, you can only associate one action to a single beacon.

  • Trigger events

Triggers are simply the behaviors that you want a specific action to execute. For instance, you can trigger an event to cause action upon entering, leaving or staying in a particular region for a certain amount of time.

  • Optimize distance

You need to optimize the distance threshold for every region because depending on your home and beacons you are using, a region could begin at 2 or 10 meters from a beacon.

  • Define schedules

Of course, the way you interact with your home in the morning is not the same way you do at midnight. So, you need to define actions to reflect the time of day. When creating a new action for every region of your home, define a schedule for what time of day that action is allowed to trigger.


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